BLOG: Entry Number Three

Has anybody seen Waldo?

By Waldo, we mean Steve Bazinski.

Since the last update, we’ve been sitting around running simulations or running around looking for people. We completed our Solidworks model (design #2) up to ASTM standard and Dr. Kobus wants us to try running thermal simulations on it to see how much of the heat will travel through our specimen and how much with travel through the sides of our insulated walls. Our problem is that neither of us are experienced enough with Solidworks thermal simulation to set it up properly. We watched a good amount of YouTube videos to try and learn how to do it, but the tutorials are all too basic for our application. We decided that we needed an expert’s help. We contacted Dr. Guessous to see if she could help us with Solidworks or maybe teach us Fluent, but sadly she has been riddled with migraines, so we can only wait until she comes back.

While all of this has been going on, Michael has been online shopping for parts that we need for the hot box apparatus. He found Thermocouple wire, thermocouple connectors, and heat flux sensors. The problem is that heat flux sensors are around $310 and we need about 2-3 of them, putting a strain on our budget. We consulted Dr. Kobus and he told us that Dr. Wang told him that there is a part time professor here who has heat flux sensors that we could potentially borrow. This professor is Steve Bazinski. This began our endless search for him and his heat flux sensors. He has no permanent office and he only teaches class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm. Needless to say, we did not find him.

We had a change in personnel recently! Another high schooler was added to our team. Her name is Rachel Lee. She is pictured in the middle of the three above. Nikita is on the right and Amanda is on the left. We also got to meet Dr. Meng Xu who will be working with the RET program alongside us.


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