BLOG: Entry Number Four


A lot has happened between the last post and this one. Dr. Guessous managed to find time for us! (Thank you!) She came to our lab and gave us some advise for what program we should use for the level of accuracy that we want from this simulation. Since we are only trying to get a rough guess, she said Fluent may be unnecessary and that Solidworks should work fine for what we want. (Whew!) We are relieved because from watching tutorials and fiddling around with Fluent, we inferred that it has a high learning curve, which would have cost us up to a week to be able to utilize it for our simulations. Dr. Guessous also gave us some pointers as to what ┬áthermal loads we should be applying and where. We found that we had not accounted for radiation in our previous simulations and that is why we weren’t getting the right colors to appear. With time and a little more experimenting, we should be able to get a rough simulation of our hot box apparatus.

The BIGGEST change since last is that WALDO HAS BEEN FOUND. We caught Dr. Steve Bazinski right as he was leaving the Fuel Cell lab and was about to disappear into the abyss once more. We didn’t know it was him. We were at the very end of the hallway, when we saw a guy walk out of that lab. Not knowing whether or not this was the right guy, Leanna just yelled “STEVE????” and lucky for her, he turned around. We met with him in the lab and discussed about the heat flux sensors that he has. Dr. Meng Xu had given us one of them a few days before, but when we tested it with the Multimeter, the voltage never changed. Steve gave us another sensor and told us about his thermal conductivity test rig that we could use to get some rough comparisons if we wanted. We then went to Matt Bruer’s office to test out this sensor and this time, it worked! AS to why the first one didn’t work, we think it might be because at first, Michael accidentally hooked it up to a Power Supply and pushed 15 volts through it. It probably fried the sensor.

Two of our problems solved in one day! Now all we need to do is to accurately set up the simulation and work through all the problems with that.

Also, we didn’t take any pictures this time, (We should have taken one of Steve!) so up top is a picture of Bruce, the department dog, chewing a frisbee.


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